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Combat Conditioning Program (CCP)

This Boxing Conditioning Program Aims To:

– Improve peak performance

– Seriously improve strength

– Increase explosiveness and punching power

– Provide the engine needed to deliver those punches over and over again

The Contents Of The Course Include:

3 Fitness Assessments –  1 for every stage

Multiple Conditioning Methods –  To be assigned through each week and through each stage

Workout Tracking –  For notes on sparring, pad work and training sessions

Boxing Skills and Drills tutorials – Footwork, Punching Technique, Defensive Measures, Combinations, Sparring tips

A Selection of Boxing Warm ups – Avoid doing the same thing all the time

This system uses tried and tested methods that will give you the edge over your opponent.

Programs are adapted to the individual based on priorities and weaknesses e.g. Cardiovascular, Strength, Power


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