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Whether your trying to lose, gain or maintain weight, for some people deciding on counting calories or macros can be daunting and/or confusing.  The easiest method is counting calories as this information is often on packaging (just be careful on the serving sizes). The more you practice this method the easier it is to guess, but it is just that, guess work.

If you eat different things all the time, getting the right amount of calories can be a little bit more difficult to monitor. Having a good meal plan that has details of calories is a great start in reaching your goals.  Even better, a meal plan that details both rather just calories or macros, there are even apps you can use to take some of the hassle out of it

When prepping your meals at home, a set of kitchen scales can be used to batch cook and store foods.

In any case whatever your goal is, eating whole foods including lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean sources of protein is a great way to ensure your reach your target in the healthiest way.  However, if you are an athlete or somebody who exercises regularly, you may want to consider counting Marcos as this will help maintain lean body mass, provide energy for training and aid the body’s recovery.

Personal nutrition is a very in-depth subject so I will revisit the subject on a later date.  In the meantime, if you require help setting up a meal plan or nutritional advice, dont hesitate to contact me.