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My name is Daniel Jude I am a Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach by trade with approx 9 years experience.  

I began my journey coaching children, amateur boxers and professional boxers a-like at Larches and Savick ABC.  I soon realised that training to become a Personal Trainer would be very useful to the people that I coach so that I could provide a more complete service.

In 2018, I attended the Preston Sports Awards (PSA) due to being nominated to receive an award. I came away with an award for, 'Highly Commended Coach of the Year'.

In 2019, I attended the PSA once more, having been nominated yet AGAIN.  However to my surprise, this time I won the coveted PSA ‘Coach of the Year' award. 

ALSO IN 2019, On the same night, In addition to winning ‘Coach of the Year’, in a completely different venue, I won a Rock FM - Cash For Kids - Time To Shine Award, for ‘Outstanding Individual'.

I was so humbled by this and it has motivated me to drive harder to help more people. 

I have gone on to help lots more people incLUDINDING a Professional Boxer, junior and Senior Amateur boxers, a Motocross Champion, a World Class Gymnasts, 100s of White collar boxers, lots of weight-loss clients and loads of general fitness clients.

Using structured training plans, nutritional coaching and habit management programs, I have been able to help my clients reach their goals quicker than they would have been able to by themselves. 


Since "Lock-down" I have spent lots of time developing an refining my online coaching programs and believe them to be up there with some of the best programs available online today.


I aim to live my life and run my business by these simple rules: 

“Do what is easy and your life will be hard.  Do what is hard and your life will become easy."  - Les Brown

and my business slogan...

"Your work rate must match your ambition" - Lutalo Muhammad


Click  on  an  imagine  of  one  my  programs  to  find  out  more

As a Brand, I AM: FITNESS focuses on providing the client with the best service, programs and nutritional guidance.

Whether it be, online, face-to-face or in a class setting, quality comes first .

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